Due to COVID-19 lead times on some of our high quality organic ingredients have longer than normal lead times, Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Becoming A Distributor

Partnerships / Distribution

Green Mountain Cannabis Proprietors is always looking to partner with local businesses! Think our companies would make a good team?

Some of the things we are looking for in partners are listed below:

  • White Label Production Services
    • We will soon be increasing our supply & demand chain and will need to scale our production
  • Specialized Product Development
    • We guarantee our customers that they’ll know the products they’re getting and this requires special skills from our product development stages and recipes
  • Retail Partnerships
    • Interested in bulk ordering / partnerships etc.
    • Home Show / Craft Fair / Farmers Market Attendance
  • Hemp Processing
    • Processing of product with ability to scale with our business

Think you have what it takes to help produce and sell some of Vermont’s best CBD products?

Contact us today!