Due to COVID-19 lead times on some of our high quality organic ingredients have longer than normal lead times, Thank you for your patience and understanding.

How To Use CBD Products

Our Topicals: 

Topical applications help relax and loosen your muscles & joints after a long day! Topicals are great for muscle relief and joint inflammation, just apply them to the affected area.

We provide an assortment of topicals:

-All Natural Salves
-Transdermal Patches
-Muscle Gels!

    Coming soon: Massage Oils, Sprays, Aromatherapy, and Beard Oil

    See our product page for more details and descriptions of our different types of topicals.

    Oral consumption:

    Consider oral consumption if you want to relieve symptoms related to disease, inflammation, PTSD, stress & anxiety, chronic pain and more (Click here to see all the benefits CBD can provide!). When you orally consume CBD, it is broken down by your digestive system and can relieve these symptoms throughout the whole body which differs from our topical applications.


    Certian forms of CBD may be vaporized, or smoked. Not all CBD oil may be consumed this way always use our products in the intended manner. 

      Coming soon: Gummies, Oral Sprays, and Dog Treats!

      See our product page for more details and descriptions of our different types of oral products.



      Topical - Usage: Gently massage a teaspoon size amount onto your skin and enjoy the relieving results in 20 minutes.

      Our Salves come in different scents!

      For best results store in room temperature away from humidity or sunlight.

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      Oral - Usage: Tincture is a quick and easy way to consume CBD, just squeeze the dropper until you get 1ml into the tube. Drop the 1ml into your favorite drink or directly administer orally.

      For best results shake before use.

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      Muscle Gel: 

      Topical - Usage: Massaging just a teaspoon onto the affected area will provide relief and can be used on almost any part of the body.

      For best results store in room temperature away from humidity or sunlight.

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      Transdermal Patch:

      Topical - Usage: Open the package and peel the patch off the wrapper. Apply the adhesive side of the patch to the affected area.

      For best results keep out of sunlight and hot temperatures.

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      Vaporizer Cartridges:

      Oral - Usage: Just twist our cartridge onto your battery operated vaporizer and take 1-3 inhales for optimum dosage. *All consumers will have different tolerances, please use our products responsibly*

      For best results keep your cartridges out of direct sunlight.

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      Live Resin / Raw CBD oil:

      Vaporize, Smoke (Dab) Our live resin may be vaporized by using an electric heating device such as a puff co , or a reloadable vaporizer pen. This method is different than smoking because of the temperature needed to heat the oil produce a vapor. This method is healthier and cleaner than smoking. 

      Vaporizing or smoking CBD is one of the most efficient and fastest acting methods of CBD intake its also tasty! Our CBD live resin is 75% + in purity meaning at least 3/4 of its mass is pure CBD. a single gram contains roughly 750mg of CBD. In comparison most hemp flower in Vermont only contains 5-15% CBD meaning smoking an entire hemp joint gives a very marginal intake. An entire gram of hemp flower only contains 50-150mg of CBD. Also it is unlikely most users can smokle an entire gram in one sitting, and in most cases it isnt very tasty. 

      Smoking live resin is similar in practice to smoking hemp or cannabis flower, it can be placed on top of cannabis or hemp flower in a regular dry or water pipe, or by itself. Consult your physician if you have any concerns about vaping or smoking, ecspecially if you have a health condition like asthma or reduced lung capacity.


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